best rebounder - health circulator

A decision to reclaim one’s good health is the necessary initial step on the road to recovery. To say to ourselves we have reached a state of poor or unacceptable wellness sets a dynamic vibration and begins the return & refocus on recovery. We can refer to this vibration as the “Parasympathetic Vibration” that increases the intent and sets Creation and the Laws into motion to act on our intent. Ultimately it is our will that drives our intent to set this causation in motion. Nature, Creation & the Laws are there at our command to enact our desires. They do not care as to their operational input, however they do respond to our serious motive on all matters. It is then a matter of singularity & focus that measures our results. We of course are guided to utilize all the supports directed and coming into our awareness. It is in this acting out of our intent that drives Creation to provide our desire. This refers to paying the price. In adopting resources to facilitate this recovery then becomes the goal on daily, moment to moment, and starts a mechanical process that sets change on automatic, while discarding the impulse to always stand on guard. This action in turn offers the mind a respite and allows guidance to turn on and direct the show. Nature, Creation & the Laws are nor bound by our intellect to act in the optimum manner on our behalf. We have forfeited this to our higher intuitive states of awareness and following these prompting will allow the stream of information and tools to continue ever-flowing to deliver our intent in the smoothest & surest way. Of course our goal is subject to operating with and within the Laws of Creation in as simple & as harmonizing way possible. The restrictions are our own interference. Once we decide to let go, All falls into place.

I have found that the single most effective tool that combines our integration of theses Laws in the Health Circulator Rebounder. More than any other devise this Rebounder facilitates the flow of creative energy in the recovery of wellness. Regardless of the “pit” we inhabit, we are always at the threshold of recovery with each & every “daily dose” of Rebounding. The Health Circulator Rebounder acts as a portal to introduce healing energies. The operation of this devise sets in motion the exact laws that are required to restore wellness in the most effective & gradual way. We can over use the devise and Creation will respond and provide resistance information in the form of inflammation and pain. We are required to respond to Creation in an ever attuned awareness. Operating under one Law dictates that we operate under all Laws.

On the Road to recovery, the HC Rebounder acts to induce healing on all the cells of the body, all at the same time & under the same impression. The amount of intensity causes the flow of energy to pick the flavour of your passion and deliver the correction to each cell, all 75 billion. So your weight is more than you wish, you are lethargic, poor elimination, allergic, off- balance, tired, feeling low, then its time to step up on the Health Circulator and just hang out. The shifting starts the motion and the healing journey begins. Wave your arm about as the motion picks up intensity. Time to catch up on news, sports, friends, etc. The 5 – 10 minutes just glides by and you are on your way. The stress is leaving the Temple.

The fact is that Gravitation, Levitation & Zero Point are just what is needed to get the lymphatic system moving. Detoxification starts and every couple of minutes the system cleanses itself. How simple, easy and unnoticed. How can this little devise do so much? Well it just works! Now that you have started, why not hang in and finish the first leg. You are on your way. Your breathing is unhurried, just like dancing, and you are feeling good.

The rest of the story shows up in the adoption of correct & balanced foods, occupation, environment, music, relationships & stewardship of all natural resources. It is likely that we can only achieve wellness on the scale we aspire to, when we act in a comprehensive & thorough manner, honouring the purpose of all things. The mantra of the Aboriginal echoes as our guidance.

Forever Oneness,

Who Sings to us in Silence,

Who teaches us through each other,

Guide my steps with Strength and Wisdom.

May I see the lessons as I walk.

Honour the purpose of All things.

Help me touch with respect,

Always speak from behind my eyes,

Let me observe, not judge.

May I cause no harm, and leave

Music and Beauty after my visit.

When I return to Forever

May the circle be Closed

And the spiral be Broader.