rebounding for health maintenance

The initial effort completed, the routine of the “Daily Dose” sets in motion a permanence that quickly becomes ‘addictive”. As we attune to our increasing energy supply, we notice many aspects that cause a feeling of wholeness. A holistic effect that develops throughout the body. We find we sleep better and much more restful, awakening with a sense of readiness to act in a progressive manner. Our heart rate settles to a lower rhythm that provides room to swell & increase. All manner of positive improvements are occurring. The blood flow is increased and circulation improves throughout, allowing for collateral circulation at the heart center. The oxygen uptake during rebounding, lingers all day and stressful situations see not to take such a toll. The skin tones & stretches making for an improved and younger appearance. Detoxification occurs in every cell, and as new cells are formed, they do so with much more vibrancy in a cleaner environ. Allergic reactions are reduced, food transition time is decreased and elimination improved.

With all these and more subtle improvements occurring, the routine continues to improve our physical awareness, moods and outlook on life. Indeed, how can such things occur on a simple rebounding devise. Its not the devise however, it is compliance and operation under exact Law. Weight stabilization, muscle toning & strengthening, inflammation sites reduced, especially in the lower back, are benefits that continue to improve.

During this period the intensity of the engagement on the HC Rebounder is increasing in endurance, time & vigor. Additional movement is encouraged, hand weights & resistance bands can be utilized to add more intensity, while foot movement is increased. Jumping jacks, side sliding, minor jogging, all add to the exhilaration, and build up a steady state. By this time you are well on your way to a 20-30 minute routine and the endurance is met with solid results. Now you are well aware that the Health Circulator Rebounder is the tool that facilitates such improvement. You operate in a positive fashion all day and daily chores are handled with less stress. Other hobbies such as gardening are more enjoyed due to flexibility and increased stamina. Maintaining this routine offers great continued improvements and the quality of life is enjoyed.