Health Circulator - Rebound Anywhere

Reaching beyond Recovery & Maintenance now become exciting. The engagement on the Health Circulator Rebounder has brought us to this level. We have found that for most people it is more than a satisfying using the “Daily Dose” sessions to live in a flexible & vigorous way, translated into activities that can be accomplished with ease. Those simple activities of gardening, walking, climbing stairs, carrying materials, playing, etc. are enjoyed with regularity & routine. Work related activities are also carried on with ease of movement and thoroughness. The mental & emotional aspects are not burdened by any physical restrictions, and a satisfying performance is the norm.

For those wishing more & operating at a demanding elite level of work, such as high responsible executives, where required performance is more demanding, stress levels are intense, mental alertness is a constant, the Health Circulator fits the bill. “Daily Dose” turns into a several sessions carried out when the opportunity allows such as, during a telephone conversation, reading reports, time out to reflect and create decisions, etc. The intake of oxygen increases our ability to be more alert, along with removal of blocks. These folks are committed to a demanding lifestyle concurrent with their position & profession. Occupational responsibilities are a constant demand on decision making that must be clear & decisive. Being in top physical condition facilitates better thinking, with clearer insight and rapid energetic response. Examples of this are our firefighters, police, military, medical personnel, teachers, etc. The more intense the occupation, the more physical & mental preparedness is demanded. Today’s top executives & government officials fall into these categories also. “Sitting is the New Smoking”

To say that the Health Circulator Rebounder sets the stage for total physical & mental functioning is a reality. The results of engaging on the HC Rebounder sets us up to meet & exceed these demands. Using the “Daily Dose” to the level you wish delivers. In doing so there is no adrenal shock that is associated with many other activities and equipment.

In his book, “The Miracles of Rebound Exercise”, Albert Carter covers many aspects of rebounding calling it “concentrated exercise”. With all this going for you, why hesitate. Get your Health Circulator Rebounder & get going!