In addressing an overview of rebounding I was confronted with one single point. Why rebound and what is rebounding?  Rebounding is the activity of moving up & down on a spring based mat. 

The answer here is really straightforward and encompasses all concepts. The journey to get to this point is interesting. There are so many books, articles, opinions written on rebounding, and many professionals, teachers, nutritional doctors, etc. all claiming & extolling the benefits of rebounding. There seems to be only pluses to rebounding. Then why is rebounding so good and why many of us are only hearing about this now? 

At this point I am focused on a single direction. The act of rebounding is easy to see and simple to do. I refer to this as the “functional window dressing”. What is hidden behind this activity and why is it so impacting? My searching for answers always, always comes back to Natural Law. When one engages with rebounding, you are collaborating with Natural Law. The physical act of movement up & down introduces initially the Laws of Gravity and Levitation. In addition there are laws of kinetic movement governing muscles, breathing, circulation, cellular fluid dynamics, shifting pressures of blood & lymph fluids, balance, coordination, eye movement, spinal realignment, etc. All this interacting with Natural Law is what is physically occurring and measurable. Again I refer to this as “functional window dressing”. What you see may satisfy your brain & senses. The activity may satisfy your mind in that you are engaged in activity & exercise. The enjoyment of the vigorous activity may satisfy your effort input. All good things to keep us satisfied & suitably rewarded. What is really going on? 

I am a gardener. I see that the food I harvest is a result of my planting seeds, watering, soil amendments, composting, etc. Again this is most enjoyable and still all window dressing. The visible results of all the laws functioning together. The energy from the sun, the influence of the moon, the effects of wind, song, raining, etc. In addition there are laws of magnetic flux, kinetic energy, pulse of vortex inducement, etc. What part do I play in these inputs? My role is to show up and prepare the ground & plant the seed in this exact location. Place the seed in a place conducive to its growth, and it will grow. Indeed it must grow according to the Laws. 

What happens from here for the most part is out of my realm to influence & dictate. I do chat and encourage the plants to grow. There is no “hope” or “faith’ involved here. There is every expectation of growth & harvesting. I tend & care for these expressions of vibrancy. I get to chose & enjoy each as they are ready. I do attempt to increase the nutrient density of the plants with careful, applications of compost & additives, water, supporting trellis, etc. I also tend to use less interference techniques like digging, and disrupting the soil microbes, etc. So how does all this happen? Yes I can discuss how the flow of creative expressive energy shows up as “food” and when we eat this food it also imparts energy to our physical bodies to utilize. All good things, however there is more to the scene. The Laws of creative energy flow are at work. I facilitate this flow and the results are enormous. Energy is delivered in Creation via a vortex movement. This is easily seen in the shapes of foods like carrots, parsnips, onions, etc. Also in the shapes of horns, shells, trees, 

The same patterns occur in our activity on the Rebounder. The flow of energy is in the shape of a vortex. We engage the Laws of creative flow. In engaging one Law we must necessarily engage all Laws, all at the same time for beneficial effect. Operating under & with the Laws we align ourselves with the vitality of life giving results. God’s wise moral economy dictates that His children, made in His image, utilize His methods. Recognition of this boon, makes a man princely in power & godlike in character. 

So we have arrived at the process of life, vitality & wellness. The simple act of up & down movement on the Rebounder, causes us to amplify the effects of all the Laws on our behest to fulfill their function. 

One note on a measurable component. I refer to this as the “tipping point”. In looking at the human body to tolerate fluctuations, I see that we have somewhat limited adjustment. This can be perceived as a bonus to facilitate our human condition. How much blood can we lose? How long can we go without sleep , food or water. What range of bodily temperature can we tolerate? Our physical attributes are amazing in that we have capabilities untapped. Its well that most of our bodily functions carry on with limited input from our consciousness. Everything operates under Law. However do make choices that sabotage our wellness. Most of these are minor influences and our body adjusts well to them. There is a tipping point. I believe that once we remain on that side, we can function with a degree of wellness that carries us into old age with sufficient flexibility & vitality. 

Perhaps Cancer & other conditions are physical expressions of lingering on the wrong side of the tipping point. Rather than combat against these conditions, doing so is fighting against Nature & the Laws, there must be a change to switch to the favorable side of that tipping point. Prompting Nature to act in a restorative function. Perhaps this is the real secret of Rebounding. It simply places us back into the zone of wellness, Lawfully. The parasympathetic system places an energetic imprint and causes the vital energy to act on the new conditions. 

There is much to gain and nothing to lose on the Rebounding. The “Daily Dose” is a signal to the creative flow that we have set things in motion and caused the body to recognize that uptake of vortex induced energy. We are always on the threshold of wellness or illness. Rebounding is a real key to switch the tendency to a full & vigorous life. 

The Health Circulator is the single, most effective devise that facilitates our positive action in conjunction & according to the Laws. Proven time & again by experts and long time users, with over 70 years of use, the Health Circulator Rebounder is the most effective unit. Step up to the Life Zone. Use the Health Circulator several times daily. Beginning with two to three minutes at a time, perhaps 6 – 8 times daily, and extending the periods. Add some variety of movement, dance steps, side sliding, jumping jacks, skipping motions, etc. Also include resistance banks & hand weights to stimulate the repetitive up & down motions. Once you have embarked on the journey, you can develop your personal routine and engage the Laws on your behalf.