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Fitness and Exercise:

It is very important for individuals with lymphedema to be physically fit and maintain a healthy weight. A safe form of exercise is an essential part of a fitness program for people with lymphedema. Fitness and exercise are not the same. Exercise includes many different types of physical movement. The three main types of exercise are: aerobic, strength, and flexibility.

These three types of exercise, along with Lymphedema Remedial Exercises, are addressed in this paper. There are many other types of exercise that have health benefits such as Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi, Qi-gong, aquatic exercise,1,2 trampoline rebounding, breathing exercises,3 and relaxation exercise that have not been adequately studied in people with lymphedema.

However, the person with lymphedema can use the benefits of any system of exercise if he/she follows the general safety principles of exercise with lymphedema, seeks medical guidance, and uses caution in starting any new exercise program. DOWNLOAD FULL PDF