best rebounder- health circulator's soft spot

Levitation Energy sets the Health Circulator apart from all other Rebounders, and of course, the crude destructive aspects of a Trampoline. There are aspects and features involved in the use of the Health Circulator Rebounder that go pretty well unnoticed and unperceived. These revolve around Natural Laws that govern the growth & the formative energy from which all life is created. Perhaps the experience on the Health Circulator Rebounder is so thoroughly enjoyed as it is life giving, amplifying energy, well being feelings, etc. 

There two aspects of Levitation Energy. Force is the employment of energy to do the work intended. The process can be called “acceleration”. It is critical to distinguish between these two aspects. One form breaks things apart for restructuring. The other form of acceleration combines & consolidates. In the destructive mode the radius of rotation is expanding and the form of acceleration is “pressure & friction” intensifying, centrifugal. 

The constructive form shows the radius of rotation is reducing, creating a form that is suction increasing & friction-reducing, centripetal. This form of energy can be observed when water flows in a sink drain. The action is a centripetal as the water turns in on itself and begins the immediate task of regenerating itself.

It is utmost important that the engagement of Rebounding must be one of refreshing, restorative, formative and amplifying energies & well being. To settle for less that Nature’s best is unfair to Nature & you. In essence, unless one engages in a positive fashion, as with the Health Circulator, the opposite must occur. Again it is indicative of the pronounced beneficial effects of using the HC that compliance with Natural Laws sets the HC apart from all other devises. 

Levitation has much greater potential power than gravity, as suction has over pressure. Levitation can best be described as the “life force” present in all healthy things, particularly the more youthful, which gives a feeling of lightness and of relative weightlessness. These aspects are often referred to when folks stop by the booth and try the HC for themselves. This lightness feeling gradually weakens as we grow older and are much less active. When the Levitation force declines so does the life force. Stay in your best state of wellness for the whole of your life. Enjoy the Daily Dose on the Health Circulator. Those who do, tell us they love their HC and use it everyday.