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national lymphedema network

Position Statement of the National Lymphedema Network

It is very important for individuals with lymphedema to be physically fit and maintain a healthy weight. A safe form of exercise is an essential part of a fitness program for people with lymphedema. Fitness and exercise are not the same. Exercise includes many different types of physical movement. The three main types of exercise are: aerobic, strength, and flexibility.

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best rebounder - what sets health circulator apart

What Sets the Health Circulator Apart from Others?

The Health Circulator Rebounder traces its roots back over well over 60 years ago. Before that, the HC Rebounder was called “Sundancer”. In short, the Health Circulator Rebounder has held the same principles as the initial Rebounder and continues to adhere to the strict fabrication process, albeit with improved parts, like the sure grip rubber tips. Today the HC is fabricated in Honey Brook, Pa. USA by the Amish. The integrity of the fabrication in a quiet setting, away from noise, pollution, and with relaxed dedication is no accident.

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The Rebounding Effect.

The journey to get to this point is interesting. There are so many books, articles, opinions written on rebounding, and many professionals, teachers, nutritional doctors, etc. all claiming & extolling the benefits of rebounding. There seems to be only pluses to rebounding. Then why is rebounding so good and why many of us are only hearing about this now?

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health circulator rebounder

Woodbridge Ontario Wellness Show

We are constantly amazed at how effective the Health Circulator is in dealing with health issues. People looking for genuine relief of back pain, low energy, overweight, lymphatic issues, even Cancer, heart conditions, balance, high blood pressure, cholesterol etc. We are sometimes intellectually challenged that a simple device can be so effective

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best rebounder - health circulator

Rebounding & Recovery

I have found that the single most effective tool that combines our integration of theses Laws in the Health Circulator Rebounder. More than any other devise this Rebounder facilitates the flow of creative energy in the recovery of wellness. Regardless of the “pit” we inhabit, we are always at the threshold of recovery with each & every “daily dose” of Rebounding. The Health Circulator Rebounder acts as a portal to introduce healing energies.

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best rebounder- health circulator's soft spot

Levitation Energy & The Health Circulator Rebounder

There two aspects of Levitation Energy. Force is the employment of energy to do the work intended. The process can be called “acceleration”. It is critical to distinguish between these two aspects. One form breaks things apart for restructuring. The other form of acceleration combines & consolidates. In the destructive mode the radius of rotation is expanding and the form of acceleration is “pressure & friction” intensifying, centrifugal. 

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rebounding for aerobics

Rebounding on the Aerobic Side

Aerobic Rebounding not only increases the strength of each muscle by increasing the G force repeatedly, but also increases the fitness of the muscle by improving the circulation of the lymphatic fluid & blood.
Aerobic Rebounding tones up the glandular system to increase

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Health Circulator - Rebound Anywhere

Rebounding & Elite Status

We have found that for most people it is more than a satisfying using the “Daily Dose” sessions to live in a flexible & vigorous way, translated into activities that can be accomplished with easy. Those simple activities of gardening, walking, climbing stairs, carrying materials, playing, etc. are enjoyed with regularity & routine.

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