The Health Circulator was developed over 40 years ago and since then has held and improved its integrity.

Considered the “senior” in a world of rebounders and as such has matured to focus on the real benefits of rebounding well beyond the exercise aspects.

These exercise routines are of course important and its how rebounding works, but a note here to say its just not an exercise piece of equipment.

Originally the rebounding benefits were offered to retain and regain a person’s health standing. Way back then the health standing of most folks was regarded as acceptable and people were urged to involve themselves in an exercise routine, the Health Circulator fit the bill.

Today we have such a wide range of health issues on one hand, and on the other we have many folks committed to their wellness with participation in activities and healthful lifestyle choices. Its great to say that the Health Circulator still holds the pinnacle for effectiveness.

best healthy rebounder - springs

Made from strong and enduring materials, and a real focus on the method of use for maximum effect, including a real generous “soft spot”, the Health Circulator has only improved.

Addressing the “feeling of energy” when enjoying the rebounder, most folks find our Health Circulator is different from others in that it seems to deliver more pronounced beneficial effects. This we believe is due to the energy flows.

Energy flows in a vortex from above and another vortex from below. Earth and sky meet at the point of momentum, between the plus and the minus, while using the rebounder.

We have incorporated a piece of copper plate on either side of the frame to facilitate this energy flow, since copper is compatible and supports a smooth electrical field.

In addition there is a setting on the piano wire of the springs that approximates “Middle C” , which we understand is the point of balance in sound and music.

The number of springs are set to draw the mat to the perfect pitch of support and resistance. This facilitates the optimum delivery of aerobic experience, blood flow and heart rate. The movement of lymph fluids are calculated to shift smoothly without any upset.

Since its inception, the Health Circulator was designed to meet and exceed in stimulating all the energy flows, resulting in setting body dynamic into a state that empowers the inherent sympathetic system to operate for total effect.